Security Policy of TestFormula
TestFormula provides you with a secure, reliable and trusted platform by using the best industry standards for network and service security. This includes using a multi-tiered, multi-layered security approach commonly adopted by leading online businesses.

1. Secure user data

TestFormula secures all user data on makes it very difficult for unauthorized individuals to view information traveling between agents and visitors. Both students and institutes do not need to install any software on their PCs, eliminating the risk of viruses or adware / malware / spyware.

User data are maintained and archived on secure servers. Access to stored user data is password protected and passwords are account specific. Therefore, no user can view data for another user. Similarly unauthorized TestFormula employees cannot access sensitive user data. We also use appropriate firewall technology within our facility to prevent unauthorized access. As another level of protection, all data is backed up daily, and archives are stored off-site in a secure location.

2. Privacy

All information handled by TestFormula is considered private and protected by the highest levels of security. TestFormula does not store non-public information in its database.

All passwords are stored via a one-way hash. This means nobody, not even us, can see or decrypt it.

3. Network Security

TestFormula's dedicated servers are located at ChicagoVPS.net, a world-class Network Operations Center (NOC) known for providing advanced power infrastructure, high performance and sophisticated on-site security, as well as perfected environmental controls.

All traffic must pass through multiple layers of network firewalls for screening. These network firewalls are regularly updated using threat intelligence sensors across the Internet, thus preventing active senders of malware from any form of contact with our servers. TestFormula's servers are also protected by fine-grained access list controls.


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