“Online Preparation vs Pen & Paper Preparation”

“It was a Sunday morning. Rahul was getting ready. Not for school or college, as it was a Sunday. Rather, he had a test to be given at his coaching centre. Rahul washed up, ensured that he had his pens, pencils, erasers etc. ready. He travelled for 20 minutes, reached his coaching centre, and gave the test circling the correct options as per him. He went back home a little happy and a little anxious at the same time. Happy, because one test was done – who wouldn’t be happy? Anxious, because he did not know his scores, how he had performed, or what he ought to work on.

On the same day, Sonal woke up, got ready, and turned on her computer. She had an online test scheduled. She completed the test, and at the end of it, got the marks she had obtained displayed in front of her on the screen. She would simply have to wait only for some time, to know how she had performed as compared to all the students who had given the same test. However, she had her own individual scores in front of her, and she could get some idea as to what areas she is lacking in, and what she needs to work on in the next few days to get better.”

This is a rather common story nowadays. With ever increasing presence of computers or laptops in the homes and easy access to internet, the online model of exam preparations is getting only more common. And there are plenty of reasons for the same. Reading the story above, one might already get a fair idea about them.

A few years back, a generation passed that had started studying right from their school days using pen and paper. Yeah, pencils before they were grown up enough to use pens. When they had to transition to this digital way of studying, the desired comfort level was not there. But in the years after, slowly but gradually students started to become more and more comfortable with this digital way of exam preparations. Of course, it is not without reasons.

While preparing for exams online, students can sit at one place and access quite a lot of information. If need be, they can always find even more references and extra information using the friend of millions, “Google”. They can choose the sections to study among the plethora of study material available. And hang on, how can the study be judged, if we do not test ourselves on it? Yes, there are numerous tests provided based on particular chapters, particular sections besides tests on the entire syllabus. Consider one such online platform – TestFormula. We can find a study resources structure similar to this. What this does is, it enables a student to take one test right after he or she has worked on a particular chapter, when the retention and understanding is arguably better. Student can come back to the same chapter, and give another test available or review the same test, and it helps a lot in the revision.

Another clear benefit is, whatever we study or give a test on, our performance is right there in front of us to be analyzed. Well, better part is, a significant amount of this “Analysis” too is readily present for us. The analysis is designed in a systematic way, such that students get to know in a relevant manner about how their progress has been. Students get to know immediately where they have scored well, where not so well, how much time they have spent on particular areas, how much time they should ideally have spent on them etc. The students get to know about their accuracy. Moreover, the solutions of the online tests are accessible very soon after the test is complete, generally right after the completion of the test.

In this competitive age, benchmarking yourself and knowing where exactly you stand relative to your potential competition has become extremely important. The online tests enable exactly that. The platform being online, students from across the country sign up to platforms such as TestFormula, and take the online tests. What this does is that students can have a fair idea of how they have performed as compared to their competition.

While one cannot undermine the significance of classroom delivery model of teaching and the ease of giving tests using pen and paper for some students, one cannot forget this multitude of student-friendly, convenient and useful functions that online model brings with it. While there are limitations of online platform with respect to tests based on subjective answers, still it can be achieved. Besides the benefits of online model mentioned above, the online platforms provide numerous supportive services as well. One can find past papers and past trends of various exams in the online resources. Students can post doubts, which are solved and explained by experts. And as online model consumes lesser resources such as classrooms, it generally is cheaper. Good news for parents, right! Besides, students are going to be future responsible citizens of the country, and it’s not a bad idea for them to know the value of money at younger age.

Depending upon the students’ acumen the online model of exam preparation can be completely sufficient. If not, it is an excellent supplementary tool to classroom teaching, at the least. More and more coaching centres have been realizing this fact, and are getting associated with TestFormula to conduct online tests for their students. And more and more students are getting benefitted from it. Perhaps, Rahul in our story at the beginning is also contemplating about joining TestFormula. And yes, he should. In fact, he must.

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