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A group of friends – who were near the end of the first year of engineering – were at Hotel Vrindavan for dinner. It was a send-off dinner in a way, for one of those friends – Harshad. The reason was that he was leaving their engineering college as he had got admission in IIT, Mumbai. A little surprised at reading this, as he was already almost done with his first year of engineering and yet he was taking admission in IIT Mumbai? Yes, he was getting into IIT Mumbai.

First Attempt

When Harshad was in 12th standard, he was sure that he wanted to become an engineer. And IIT being a globally recognized institute for engineering, naturally it was the preferred option for Harshad. Though, howsoever preferred an option it was, it was not an easy task to get into an IIT for thousands of the engineering candidates aspired to be an IITan. Yet, Harshad was confident.

Previous academic record of Harshad was always good. He had always been securing one of the top 5 ranks in his school days. His interest in Science and Mathematics was genuine, perhaps inherited from his father, also an engineer. So, with the talent and the interest that he had for engineering and with the desire to be an IITan, he started preparation for JEE, the entrance test for IIT along with studying for 10th standard.

A Not So Favourable Result

Fortunately or unfortunately, Harshad could not get through to the IIT, though via another entrance exam he had secured admission to a good and reputed engineering college in Mumbai (You might be wondering, why the word “Fortunately” in the sentence. The reason would present itself soon.) However, Harshad was not content with this. He kept reflecting on it – what went wrong?

Harshad talked to his parents, friends, and some of the teachers who knew him and his academic potential. After all accepting failure does not mean not to understand the reasons behind it. And as he spent some time on it, he did realize a reason or two.

Harshad was very particular about his efforts, as far as studying various concepts was concerned. He did solve few practice papers, but his emphasis on this was lower than what should have been. Moreover, he did focus on the scores that he was getting, but he did not go deep into it. The analysis of these papers was what he missed out on.

Harshad was getting richer and richer as far his knowledge quotient was concerned. And, it was a time when he gave importance only to this fact. Of course, getting knowledge is “the” most important thing, but it is arguably equally important to “apply” the knowledge when it is required. Yes, Harshad had learnt a lot while he was preparing for JEE, but the wasn’t as exam-fit as he should have been.

Harshad did spend some time in figuring out reasons such as above, as to why he failed to get into IIT. He also took a brave decision, to keep pursuing the IIT dream while going through the first year of engineering. It is not a practical decision for each and every one, but it is neither a wrong decision for every person. As it was promised to you, this is what should explain the use of the word “fortunately” earlier.

Another Attempt With Renowned Vigour

The first year of engineering started for Harshad, and so did his second attempt at JEE. This time, he did put in more efforts in practicing for the exam as much as studying for it. Although learning concepts is always the core for any exam, fine-tuning small small things makes a huge difference. Harshad experience the same. As good he was getting at the concepts, Harshad was equally getting good at understanding his own technique of effectively solving the paper. The results did start to show slowly.

On the day of the exam, Harshad’s parents told him only one thing – “You have put in a lot of efforts in the past year. You have studied with dedication, and at the same time you have not let your results of the first year of engineering down. All it means is that you have all the capacity in the world. We will always support you, no matter what. Believe in yourself, and you’ll score aces.”

And, so he did. He believed, he scored, he got in. Everyone believed that Harshad always had the talent. Yet, the way he had toiled to achieve his dream cannot be ignored. The way he kept facing the challenges and still kept going strong cannot be ignored. This celebration that he was having with his friends was much deserved. And Harshad was enjoying, with the dreams in his eyes at the same time – Dreams that we all have, in one form or another.

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