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IIT-JEE and NEET's Solutions, model papers,sample papers, solved papers

CBSE, IIT-JEE, NEET, CPT, GPAT and NCERT online study materials,online test

Pie Chart, bar charts

Chapter tests, Practice test, live test series, mock test, sample tests, previous papers, revision notes, model paper

Detailed answer explanation of each question of CBSE, IIT-JEE, NEET, CPT, GPAT

Practice Unlimited questions

Instant reminders

smart suggestions and analysis

Detailed Answer Explanation
Answers are provided, explaining the best and quickest method and/or approach for each individual problem. We make it a point that every student understands the best approach while tackling such questions.
Multi-Strata Tests Practice
TestFormula is providing users to practice with tests covering all the possible stratas - Chapter, Multi-Chapter, Subject, Full length, Mocks and many more. Helping users to prepare for any level of exam.
Highly Intuitive Graphs
Graphs viz donut charts, pie charts, scatter diagram, Bar charts and many more for explaining the parameters in a detailed-yet-lucid manner.
responsive and mobile optimized
responsive and mobile optimized
Test Formula has been designed for all the digital medium - Desktop, Laptop, Mobile and Tablets - on which any user can give the test and practice the Questions. We have designed our system in such a way that the best User Experience is delivered to all.
unlimited practice questions
Practice with more than 2000+ questions that will cover almost every aspect of a chapter and a subject as a whole. Create your customized practice test.
unlimited practice questions
dashboard optimized view
dashboard optimized view
Keeping in mind that our user gets a rich and exquisite experience, Test Formula has come up with the Dashboard optimized view for you. You can find all the parameters in your dashboard, thus giving users the entire picture in just one window.
instant reminders
Handling all the myriad tasks can be a cumbersome process for all of us. Hence, TestFormula sends periodic reminders to all of our esteemed users so that they are always in loop.
instant reminders
integrated platform
integrated platform
TestFormula platform has been designed to integrate all the parameters from different sources and collate on the users Dashboard - thus helping users in identifying the growth from previous records.
TestFormula allows students to take test, get detailed analysis of the test, identify weak areas and get smart tips for improvement. Sign up for free Take a free test

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